1. Take a photo of every child every year and build a portfolio
  2. Document activities for your website (be sure to get permission to post student photos) and newsletter
  3. Take an electronic field trip
  4. Create a claymation
  5. Create an end-of-year slide show
  6. Photograph the kids acting out scenes from the Purim story and create an electronic Purim shpiel
  7. Create a photomontage
  8. Take photos of students with special speakers and include the photo when you send thank you notes
  9. Create passports for imaginary trips to Israel
  10. Create a virtual tour of the synagogue with building and staff photos
  11. Write a book and illustrate it with photos
  12. Make Hebrew vocabulary posters using digital photos
  13. Scrapbook the year
  14. Create an aleph-bet book using photos
  15. Photograph students with their family Jewish heirlooms
  16. Take a photo for maintenance of the way you want your classroom arranged
  17. Take a camera on field trips
  18. Take photos of essential computer and A/V connections – post right on the equipment
  19. Write a “day in the life” – take photos of a typical day in religious school and have the kids write about it
  20. Create desk cards with the child’s name and photo
  21. Create a seating chart (great for subs)
  22. Create a Hebrew memory game
  23. Make framed photos for Mother’s Day
  24. Put the kids’ photos on quilt blocks
  25. Cover kids’ photos with mini beads
  26. Add the child’s photo to the Shema pillowcase
  27. Print photos out onto ink-jet printable polyshrink
  28. Put the kids’ photos on bookmarks
  29. For pre-readers: label kids’ coat hooks or cubbies with their photos
  30. Create a mini-synagogue. Take photos of the important parts of your building and print on cardstock. Cut out and make a 3-D display. Be sure to “put kids in the picture.”
  31. Post faculty photos for the first day so kids can recognize their teachers
  32. Choose and photograph a “Jewish Start of the Month.” Post his/her story with photo
  33. Reduce kids’ photos to 1/2 inch size. Put glue on the front of the photo and adhere to the bottom of a half-marble (available at craft stores, or Walmart, usually in the floral section). Glue a magnet to the back of the photo .
  34. Photograph your supply areas so people know where things should be returned and so aides know how to rearrange the space
  35. Tattoos – they’re not just for Belmont avenue any more… did you know you can buy inkjet-printable water slide decal paper? It’s available online from http://www.beldecal.com (as well as lots of other sources). It’s a little pricey, but may be a worth it for special projects. The paper is printed using your inkjet printer and then covered with a clear gloss spray (like Krylon®). After the paper is dry, you soak in some water and the decal slides off. The decal can then be permanently affixed to any clean surface, including glass, ceramic or plastic. Think a tile wall of kids! Or their mugs on mugs! The effect is awesome.
  36. Make individual spice sachets. Works great with muslin backed with freezer paper (buy ready-cut for printers from http://www.dharmatrading.com). Print kids’ photos onto fabric squares. Print blessing over spices on fabric squares (as many squares as you have students – this will be the back). Sew one photo square to one blessing square; fill center with cloves.