Download the handout from my CAJE 32 presentation:
Want to make a cool 30-second video? Check out Animoto (it’s not just for searching…)

  • Google for Educators
  • Google docs for online collaboration, document creation and storage (You’ll need to sign up for a Google account or a gmail address)
  • Google customized search
  • iGoogle for a customized homepage with webfeeds and gadgets galore
  • GoogleEarth

Webfeeds: your web, your way
  • What’s a webfeed (RSS – Really Simple Syndication). Look for this image:128px-Feed-icon.svg.png
  • for more information about RSS, here is a wonderful movie by Common Craft

Finding blogs and podcasts

Bookmarking (consider trying social bookmarking)
Delicious -- Easily access your bookmarks via the Internet and see what other people are bookmarking as well.

Or...create a customized search. Below is what you get if you search for items tagged Jewish + Education:

Jewish Education

    Image storage, manipulation and sharing
    • Use flickr to search for “Creative Commons” images to add to your own projects
    • Put a Flickr badge on your website (see the left hand sidebar of my wiki). How about a badge on the temple website with photos taken during school?

    Once your photos are uploaded to flickr, use flickr partners to print unique products like motivational posters, calling cards, movie posters, calendars, badges, etc:

    Online video sharing
    • youtube (
      Many good videos are uploaded to youtube. For example, there are PSAs that are terrific trigger films for bullying discussions file://localhost/(http/ The problem is that you may want to download those videos in case you don’t have Internet access. To download, go to, put in the URL for the movie you want to download and it will download to your computer. You will have to change the file extension to .flv once it downloads. To play the movie you’ll either need to download FLV Player for Windows ( or for Mac ( Alternatively, there are ways to convert the .flv file to .avi or .mp4 – do a search for utilities that will do this for you. Click here for a list of youtube tools.
    • This just out - for Macs, download TubeTV to search for and download online videos.

    Social networking sites
    to create your own social network site, go to
    for more information about social networking, click here

    Open source software
    Open source software is computer software whose source code is available under a license (or arrangement such as the public domain) that permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form. It is often developed in a public, collaborative manner. It is the most prominent example of open source development and often compared to user generated content. (from

    Because it’s open source, some software may have bugs or have less features than commercial counterparts, but it can be a great way to get free software legally. The Linux operating system (OS) is probably the most famous open source software there is.

    Other tools for online collaboration (see my other CAJE sessions for more info on these)
    • Wikis (web pages that are easily modified by any number of users)
    • Blogs (web log: an online journal where it is possible for readers to leave comments)
    • Podcasts (audio and/or video files that reside at a specific address on the web that people can view online or to which they can subscribe)

    Not free, but pretty low-risk, low-cost resources