Guide for the Internet-Perplexed...

Prepared for Lakeside Congregation, November 2010

Al Tirah - Fear Not!


Want to explain the Mideast crisis in 5 minutes? Check out Dennis Prager's PragerU course on the Middle East Problem
Israel Geography Game
What's going on at the Kotel?

Where to go for Jewish News...

Steve Sheffey @ the Huffington Post. You can email Steve to be added to his email list. Steve is a 10th District Democrat and sends emails about the Democratic party, Illinois politics and Israel.

Find community online

Goodreads (not specifically Jewish, but a great way to connect with other Jewish readers)


To Bend Light
Jacob Richman's Good News From Israel

A little Hebrew...

ORT Navigating the Bible
Hebrew Names
Multimedia Learn Hebrew site from Stanford University

Online Jewish communities for teens


Learn a little...

Behrman House - click on the Families link to learn Hebrew, play games and get holiday resource
Centropa - Centropa has interviewed almost 1,300 elderly Jews living in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the Sephardic communities of Greece, Turkey and the Balkans.
The Jewish Womens Archive
My Jewish Learning
Jewish Virtual Library
Nextbook (now part of Tablet Magazine)
The Jew and the Carrot (now part of The Forward)
Babaganewz (now part of Behrman House)

Check out a sacred text (or create your own)

Dr. Joel Hoffman's custom on-line liturgy
Open siddur project
BBYO's Build a Prayer
Mechon Mamre
World Digital Library
JTS Digital Collection and Special Treasures

Have your say (you can post on the web, too!)

Jew It Yourself

Tour a museum

National Museum of American Jewish History
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Jewish Museum
Ellis Island
(Israel) The Museum of the Jewish People
(Israel) Yad Vashem

Spend a little...

Modern Tribe
Hamakor Judaica

Do a little good...

Feed the Hungry at Mazon
Kiva (not specifically Jewish, but a fabulous site)

Make something

Internet Jewish Quilters
Pomegranate Guild
Get inspired with these Hebrew calligraphers' websites
Ravelry - join the Jewish Fiberaholics forum

Be entertained

Jewish TV Network (where else can you watch Rabbi Irwin Kula's guide to sex?)
Feed Me Bubbe

6 (Jewish) reasons to be on Facebook...

Positive Jewish Living
Jewish Ideas Daily
The iCenter

Do you tweet? They do...

Jewish tweets
JTA news

Why you need iTunes (it's free for Mac and Windows, and you don't need an iPhone or iPod to use it)

Book of Life podcast
The Forward
Jewish Thought Leaders
Sid Lieberman's Storytelling Podcast

Judd Apatow's unauthorized PSA for the AJWS