Personal Learning Networks

Welcome back to school! I'll try to be easy on you.

Let's start with a little video to warm you up...

Today we're discussing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and how you can use the power of the Internet to help you develop and monitor your PLN. These are tips that you can use to help you with whatever you're learning about: your learning cohort here at SSSMS, whatever you're teaching, a new craft you'd like to try at home, or even your favorite recipe and book review sites.

I rarely do slide presentations, but I've prepared a little one as an introduction.

Getting started with iGoogle.

I've created a series of videos to help you create and customize your iGoogle experience.

Getting started with iGoogle:

Adding blogs and news sites to iGoogle:

Adding tabs to iGoogle:

Check out Lee LeFever's video on what RSS is (3:44):

Another way to keep up with what's out there is Diigo.

Annotating with Diigo:


Delicious (social bookmarking - bookmark your pages and see who else has bookmarked them as well)

and finally, for an instant "just add water" PLN: The Educator's PLN

And, for something a little more advanced, consider using Twitter for your PLN...

What is Twitter?

Now - once you've signed up for a Twitter account at, who do you follow?

There are a few resources online for finding other Twitter users you'd like to follow. One I like is