Jewish Life and the Internet

In the beginning...

In the beginning there were websites, listservs and newsgroups. Maybe you still belong to listservs, which were pretty much just ways to send emails to a bunch of people.
If you wanted to surf websites, there were search engines, so you could search using terms like Jewish or Judaism...
There were also people who put together extensive lists of resources, like this one that Andrew Tannenbaum maintained for years and years and years.
It started with websites where you could go to get information - where you were a passive receiver.

And it's still a great place to go to get information:
Practically every museum and library has a website. The National Library of Israel, for instance, has a lovely site with links to resources including multimedia ones. Some of my favorite museum and library websites include:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem
JTS Digital Collections

If you're looking to remix...

Jewish Women's Archives
Dr. Joel Hoffman's Custom On-Line Liturgy
Open Siddur
BBYO's Build-A-Prayer
Mechon Mamre

If you want to add your voice to the conversation...

Jewish bloggers:

Alden Solovy's To Bend Light
Chaviva Galatz's Just Call Me Chaviva

Rabbi Jason Miller's YouTube response to Rick Perry's campaign video. Perry's "Strong" campaign video was posted on YouTube on December 6th. As of December 11th, it had garnered 566575 dislikes. Rabbi Miller's response was posted two days later, and has been viewed almost 50,000 times by the 12th.

If you're looking to be entertained...

G-dcast: Each week a new animation for parashah hashavuah
Aaron Freeman and Sharon Rosenzweig's The Comic Torah
Jewish TV Network
Jewish Rock Radio

If you want to share your passion...

Jewish Fiberholics
Internet Jewish Quilters listserv
Goodreads (not limited to the Jewish community)

Social media and Jewish life

How you can use Twitter without, well, using Twitter
Jewish tweets
JTA news

Why you need iTunes (it's free for Mac and Windows, and you don't need an iPhone or iPod to use it)

Book of Life podcast
The Forward
Jewish Thought Leaders
Sid Lieberman's Storytelling Podcast

Trends for 2012


CCAR Press' iT'filah: The Mishkan T'filah App

Blended/Online Jewish learning

Behrman House Online Learning Center
AVI CHAI Foundation's TED-type talks

Digital Scavenger Hunts/Games

Russel Neis' Lower East Side Scavenger Hunt
PresenTense NYC Fellowship for Game Designers

And, in closing...